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Alicia Monet Biography Photo Alicia Monet Biography
Born: 7/16/1964
Aliases: Alecia Monet, Alisha Monet, Alica Monet, Hollywood, Holly Wood

Birth Name: Lisa Ferreire (Died 2002)
Country of Origin: United States
Place of Birth: California La Mesa
Date of Birth: July 16, 1964
Aliases: Holly Wood, Lisa Bright, Alica Monet, Hollywood
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 152 cm - 4 feet and 12 inches
Weight: 52 kg - 114 lbs
Measurements: 37C-24-35
Tattoos: Black Widow Hourglass Between Navel And Pubes

Alicia Monet was born July 16 1964 as Lisa Ferreire of La Mesa, California started filming at the age of 23. Alicia Monet, a brunette that only lasted a short time in porn, was one of the hottest performers in the late 80s. Being billed as boob queen wasn't the key to success in Alicia's 60 some odd videos, though. Alicia Monet was a great actress and an absolute nymphet. Working with either men or women, Alicia loved both sexes equally which contributed to her many sizzling scenes. There was a style and movement to Alicia's sensuality later copied by other porn-stars. Alicia Monet's sheer voracity was phenomenal. Alicia Monet was a fine actress who displayed a calm and cool exterior -- that is, until it was time for the sexual action to begin. That's when Alicia Monet could really let her hair down and become the wildly passionate sexual being that Alicia Monet was. Alicia Monet was absolutely sex-mad, and was equally feverish whether paired with men or women. Alicia Monet was a take-charge type of sex star whose presence in a film guaranteed at least one scorcher of a scene. Alicia Monet's popularity with porn fans led to many starring roles and box covers, but it all wasn't enough for Alicia Monet and she split from the scene in 1989, after a little less than two years before the cameras.

Being billed as boob queen wasn't the key to success in her 60 some odd videos, though. Alicia was a great actress and an absolute nympho. Working with either men or women she loved both sexes equally which contributed to her many starring roles and box covers.

The event that apparently ended her film career was when she was filming in with Rocco Siffredi who was then known as Tito. One account has Rocco being too rough, another says Alicia was stoned. Which ever is true the fact is that Rocco went to the hospital after getting his pecker nearly bit off and Alicia was arrested running naked in the street.

Leaving the scene in 1989 she feature danced for a while, then dropped off the radar completely. While featuring in a club, Alicia Monet appeared on stage with a loaded handgun that she began masturbating with. No one was hurt. It's been reported that Alicia and her husband planned to use her earnings from porn to finance a middle class life in anonymity.

At the request of a reader I did a quick search to see what could be found out about Ms. Monet. To my surprise I found a juicy tidbit about her on Wikipedia.

Monet, now 43, was a big-boob star of the 80′s. Her career abruptly ended when she tried to bite-off Rocco Siffredi penis during the filming of a deep throat scene. After she bit Rocco’s member she flew into a rage, was locked in a trailer on the set and eventually managed to escape fleeing into the streets naked. She was later apprehended and arrested. Rocco claimed that Monet was high on drugs during the failed scene although many women over the years have complained about Rocco’s excessive roughness during sex scenes.

Shortly after the penis-biting incident Monet was involved in another ruckus during a feature dancing performance. On-stage Monet allegedly pulled out a loaded handgun and then proceeded to masturbate herself with it. Shortly after that Alicia reportedly retired from adult entertainment and settled down with her husband.

According to a reader who claims to be Monet’s sister, she died in 2002 leaving behind a young son. Although her death is very possible, there are no other sources that I have found that mention her death.

If anyone knows for sure let us know. Hopefully her apparent sister will visit the site again with a little more information about how she died.

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